T^3 Mark, Inc., a California based corporation, is uniquely positioned to assist Original Equipment Manufactures to develop and market Tomorrow’s Technologies in their products Today. Strategic alliances formed with engineering talents and flexible manufacturing facilities provide all necessary resources for a quick and accurate implementation of selected new technologies.

T^3 will continue to be the trustable universal Mark for a successful implementation of new technologies in today’s products.

T^3 is to be the most reliable partner to OEMs with best quality products at most reasonable costs and highest level of service pre and post sales.
LED Lighting
Super bright LEDs are the tomorrow's technology for today's lighting products.
The one technology that hasn't changed much since it was invented in 1879 is Lighting. It is time to replace Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb invented in the 19th century with an alternative that needs a lot less power, lasts much longer and is friendly to the environment. That alternative is Light Emitting Diodes, LEDs.
Principals of T^3 Mark, Inc. with over 25 years of electronics and mechanical   manufacturing experience, focusing on LED based products for the last 10 years, recognized the need for an integrator to fill the gap between LED manufactures and lighting OEMs.

Industry experts claim: "T^3 is successfully filling that gap and has been acknowledged as an effective partner for end users and LED makers!"

T^3 Mark, Inc. is a Certified Solution Provider (CSP) for Cree, a US corporation known world wide for their superior quality LED products.

T^3 integrates the most innovative lighting solutions by offering design and manufacturing of high flux, super bright LED light systems with

The most suitable LED for the application.
The most effective heat dissipating substrate (Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards).
The most efficient constant current LED driver.
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